Back in the day R.C. Sproul’s The Holiness Of God was my introduction to that defining quality of God’s being.
Jackie Hill Perry mentions that book, and a number of others which preceded it, sharing that theme, in introducing her book Holier Than Thou.
It is a popular level expression of her own reflections and study; a continuation of thought and writing on a subject that has no boundaries and invites fresh telling by generation.
Holiness is the quality that suffuses all of God’s attributes, expressing their incomparable and perfect nature.
His holiness doesn’t mean that He is simply the strongest expression of the qualities we can conceive, but holiness means those very qualities exist in another order than we have ever experienced them.
Here, God’s power.

…God rules with power He doesn’t have to borrow. Upholding the world’s orbit and the sun’s heat with a strength Samson knew not of. He is majestic, a King with no equal. Every throne below Him is minuscule and without comparison. His ways are high and higher than ours because He is. He is the Most High, as in, He is exalted over everything that is because everything that is, might be good, but they will never be God. Everything wonderful you have ever known – love, food, sex, laughter, friends, parents, children, sleep, work, money, you name it – can’t compete with the beauty of God. The Most Hight calls Himself the Holy One and asks: “To whom then will you compare me, that I should be like him?” (Isaiah 40:25). No one, Lord, – holy.

Jackie Hill Perry, Holier Than Thou, B&H Publishing, 2021, pgs. 26-27.

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