At midnight on Saturday October 23 my family’s worst week began. Seven days later the speed with which time has flown is only matched by the unrelenting depths in which we’ve found ourselves.

We’d like rest tonight, and then some of us will gather with our church tomorrow.

This year our services have commenced with these words: To all who are weary, and need rest; to all who mourn, and long for comfort; to all who fail, and desire strength; to all who sin, and need a Saviour, this church opens wide her doors with a welcome from Jesus, the mighty friend of sinners, the ally of his enemies, the defender of the indefensible, the justifier of those who have no excuses left….

I thought, that if for no one else, those word were for me at least. Tomorrow, I know they’re for me, even if I don’t hear them, they’re for me.

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