A very evocative part of the musical Hamilton revolves around the desire to be in the room where decisions are made, to be in the room where those inside are viewed by those outside as decision makers.
It is a powerful desire, a desire detached from the importance of the decisions themselves, a desire more based in ego than actual outcome, a desire to have a sense of identity based on the perceptions of others and the roles we fulfil.
It is a desire that can never be fulfilled.

Casey Wilson reflects on viewing Hamilton and the desire to be in the room.

When I think about the rooms I want to be in, I’m sad to admit that my first desire is not always focused on the ones where I know the Lord will be present. He is with us always, but does that certainty shape my perspective? Is He any less with me if I am not in “the room where it happens”? No.
The most important rooms, where the truly important things are happening, are wherever the Lord is, and wants me to be, and where He is being glorified. Those rooms tend to not be gilded with crown molding, mahogany tables, or bright crystal chandeliers. To be an important person by worldly standards is not synonymous with crossing the thresholds of rooms where God is at work.
Sure, the sting of not being included can be painful. But our ultimate acceptance by the One who matters is not contingent on others.

Read the whole post at Mockingbird.

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