Here we are again.
The end of October seems so short a time ago.
My usual caveats apply.
I don’t watch many games, especially beyond half time.
I really couldn’t identify more than two or three players on each team except in a few cases. (And they move around so much who can keep up anyway?)
Most selections are based on my thoughts about team culture, and where games are being played.
Of note, of the teams selected to win in the last ordinary round in 2020, I’ve picked six out of eight, with New Zealand and Cronulla taking to place of Manly and Melbourne, who are both playing teams among those I tipped to win in that final round.
I don’t think a lot has changed between the top eight and the rest.
I think places will really only change inside those two groupings.

(Draws count as correct)
NRL (last round 0/0; season tally 0/0)
New Zealand

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