You Are The Word from Sandra McCracken’s Patient Kingdom album is another example of a song that expresses personal sentiment that is worthy of corporate expression. Her melodies are approachable and carry the lyrics whether sung by individuals or groups as well.

The lyrics:
Pressure is building like stones on my chest
You said You’d fling them far as east is from west
Tangled up in the garden, hidden in shame
You said You’d be with me in all of this pain

Broken, buried, raised, I will give You praise

You gave me Your word
You gave me Your word
You are The Word

In triumph or ashes through all the extremes
You said You would gather me under Your wings
I’ve come to know heartachе maybe less than I should
But You said You’d make all of this work for my good

Rеpeat Pre-Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:

Kingdoms will crumble, the kingdoms will fall
You said trust The One who’s holding it all
Your word is a lantern, a fire in the spring
You gave me Your life, showed Your mercy to me

Repeat Pre-Chorus:

Repeat Chorus:

You are The Word
You gave me Your word
You are The Word

Words and Music: Sandra McCracken and Phil Madeira
© 2020 Integrity Worship Music, Paper News Publishing (Admin by Capitol CMG Publishing) Nashville Minute (Admin by Music Services, Inc.)

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