I read something somewhere a week or two ago (I certainly didn’t dream it) that mentioned that mobile phones do not turn up in our dreams.
I dream a fair bit, I’m using a mobile phone (a lot) and I couldn’t recall one ever turning up in my dreams. Land-line phones are sort of included in this as well.
One of the articles I read referred to a study that mentions some people have had phones in their dreams, “2.6 percent of men and 3.5 percent of women actually have seen their phone in their dreams, for the most part as a communication device on which a loved one who has passed on is reaching out to them.”
Communication on a mobile phone would also seem different to a situation where the phone is more of an object, like when the phone is dropped and broken or lost.
If you look around on the internet you’ll find more than a few webpages that offer interpretations of dreams involving phones, so maybe their incidence is increasing as people spend more and more time with them.

Many will say that they’re happy there is really a place where they can escape from mobile phones, but it interests me that a device that takes up so much of our waking hours is yet to take over our sleeping hours.

And yeah, the post title was the closest I could get to “Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Sheep”

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