The Lord Is In His Holy Temple is from Getty Music’s album Evensong.
It is a fitting reflection for the end of day, or any time of day.
Kristyn Getty and Ben Shive are the composers.
I’ve followed Ben Shive for years, mostly through his work with Andrew Peterson and the Rabbit Room musicians.

The lyrics:

The Lord is in His holy temple
Let all the earth keep silence

Verse 1
Where were you when the earth was made
And the morning stars sang out together
When the seas burst forth from the womb
And you wrapped the clouds in darkness
Have you ever showed the dawn it’s place
Or walked the recess of the deep
Oh, the mysteries He holds are His to keep

Verse 2
Who can tip the heavens’ water jars
Or set up on the earth the Lord’s dominion
Do you give the horse its flowing mane
Or does the hawk fly by your wisdom
Who gives breath to fill a babies cry
Who stirs the soul to look for light
Without His eternal word, there is no life

Bridge 1
Keep silence, silence, silence before Him

Bridge 2
The Lord is in His holy temple, let the earth keep silence

Verse 3
Who can say in their heart there is no God
Whose arm is strong enough against Him
He who dwells beyond all time and space
And will judge with perfect justice
For I speak too soon what I don’t know
These things too wonderful to grasp
It is He who is the first and is the last

The Lord is in His holy temple
Let all the earth keep silence

Words and Music: Kristyn Getty, Ben Shive
(c) 2020 Getty Music Publishing, Junkbox Music (Admin by Music Services)

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