The pastoral impulse of care and comfort and the preaching impulse to bring changing truth must be embodied together for each to be effective.
Comfort without challenge results in stultifying stasis.
Challenge without empathy results in thoughtless hurt.
God brings the changing challenge of his word to his people primarily through one with whom they share a relationship of mutual care.

From Leading With The Sermon:

When a pastor preaches, the word of God is articulated by one who knows the people and who is known by them. The word arises out of a shared condition. It takes courage to stand with a congregation that is having to ask painful questions: even more courage is required to speak the truth to people one has learned to love. The loving pastor has got to find a way to be the truthful preacher.

William H Willimon, Leading With The Sermon, Fortress Press, 2020, pg 10.

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