David Robertson, a Presbyterian pastor who has taken up residence in Australia a year ago or so is offering a few tentative observations and encouragements for Australian Presbyterians, and Australian Christians.
You only see situations with an outsiders eyes for a limited time, so his perspective is timely, measured, and encouraging.
David’s experience is such that he isn’t wearing rose coloured glasses; his experience helps him identify areas that are worthy of nurturing, and other areas that he has seen shipwreck or impede gospel work in other places.

From Robertson’s article:

Any Presbyterian church which makes its aim to survive and maintain what it has – will die. Any church which decides to become like the society around and go with the tide will die. Any church that seeks to circle the wagons and hold on until the Saviour returns will die. Only a church which is prepared to die to self and live for Christ, will live.
I believe that these are great days of opportunity for the church of Christ in Australia as a whole – and the Presbyterian church in particular. We can be Christ-centred, radical, biblical, contemporary, charismatic and catholic (in the best sense of those words). If we strengthen what remains and is about to die (Revelation 3:2); If we walk through the door that Christ has opened (Revelation 3:8) and if we are earnest and repent’ (Revelation 3:20); we will yet know great days of Gospel prosperity in Australia.

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