Being a Christian leader is hard, because Christian leadership is service in partnership, not the imposition of authority to achieve the outcomes you desire.
The way of Christian leadership is that truth taught is truth lived; the Gospel received is the Gospel that compels action, and leaders model that as much as they teach it. If there is no modelling then there is no effective teaching.

From Leading With The Sermon:

As challenging as good preaching is, competent, skilled, courageous leadership can be even more daunting for pastors. It’s tough to craft an interesting sermon; equally demanding to lead a productive church meeting. All Christian leadership’s authority is contested because it rests upon Christ’s still-disputed sovereignty. No matter how skilled their leadership, Christian leaders can expect trouble because it’s leadership in the name of Jesus, the world’s troublemaker.

William H Willimon, Leading With The Sermon, Fortress Press, 2020, pgs 19-20.

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