Last Sunday we resumed our evening fellowship, (and morning tea).

In the morning, Mark’s Gospel takes the time to give us an intimate insight into Jesus at prayer. Given Mark’s economy of content, this inclusion is more than an interlude; more than a practical guide to the circumstance, frequency, and content of prayer; it bridges what has gone before and what follows to ensure us that God’s plan is unfolding and that Jesus is a knowing and willing participant in the events that follow.

Sunday evening fellowship has some songs, Bible readings and a sermon. A time of group prayer has been moved to after the livestream close to better deal with privacy issues.
In a way that couldn’t be planned, a series in the book of Jeremiah picks up where we left off in March – in Jeremiah 25 that refers to God’s judgment in the figure of a cup. A timely counterpoint to Jesus’ prayer in Mark’s Gospel.

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