We’re continuing to work through our technical issues in real time.
It’s easy to say we’re trying to be authentic, its harder accepting it while that’s happening.
Thanks to those who are messaging in while watching the live-stream to tell us when something’s not working.

We return to Mark’s Gospel, to the concluding chapters that contain so much that is familiar.
Mark has his own intention in telling the story of Jesus, and his account is selectively concise.
It is not short because he did not have access to more information.
When detail is not included its because he doesn’t want to you to miss his point.

Before the Lord’s Supper is instituted, before the arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection there is a short period of interludes.
A handful of preparations as various parties in the narrative perform actions that show their present priority and give an insight into their futures.
And in the midst of all this Jesus knows a friend will betray him, and he reaches out to that friend to let him know that while Jesus must go to a cross it doesn’t have to involve that friend destroying himself.

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