Those of you who know MPGC will know who I’m writing about when I say that thanks to Evan, Peter, and Mark we launched our return to public worship yesterday.
A lot of work was done through June, and most of it was done in the last week (as these things always seem to happen).
We’re hosting groups in our chapel, linked by livestream video in our hall, with the stream being posted live on YouTube.
Our goal has been that if you come along at 9.30am there will be a place for you as we take all due care of each other, and if you can’t come along you’ll be able to partake of what is happening. That goal was achieved.
Getting video and audio right for three different locations is a huge task.
After week one we’ll refine our practices.
The goal was that each group would not be focussing on the technology, but that the tech would help them to have the best experience of worshipping together that they could have.
There is a fifteen minute buffer video, then the service starts.

I wanted to bring an encouraging word for everyone as they gathered.
So, God’s word of blessing over His people from Numbers 6 seemed the idea text to preach from.

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