My Hymn Of Praise, also known as Forever Jesus, from Matt Papa and Stuart Townend, vocals on this seem to be by Townend and Kristyn Getty (and a cast of many).

The lyrics:
Verse 1
My hymn of praise shall be “forever Jesus”
My firm foundation in shifting sands
My strength and hope through many fears and failures
The disappointments of the past
His constant love has held me fast
Chorus 1
So for all my days I will sing my praise
To the King, “forever Jesus”
Though the storms may rage He is strong to save
He’s the King forever Jesus
Verse 2
My song of joy shall be “forever Jesus”
Who bore the suffering, who made a way
His life a gift, His death a precious ransom
That wipes the sinner’s guilt away
And turns our night to glorious day
Repeat Chorus 1
Verse 3
My final breath shall be “forever Jesus”
When shadows lengthen before my eyes
My Lord and Friend, Companion through the valley
When dearest ones are left behind,
His hand will lead me to the light
Chorus 1
Chorus 2
When I meet His gaze I will sing my praise
To the King, “forever Jesus”
All my sorrows past, I am home at last
With my King, “forever Jesus!”

Words and Music by Stuart Townend and Matt Papa.
(c) 2019 Getty Music Hymns and Songs/Love Your Enemies Music (admin. /Townend Songs (admin outside the US by

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