Our reaction to current events will reveal whether we truly remember that Christians are pilgrims not citizens of the realms in which we live.
The Apostles’ Creed helps Christians remember our true status in the midst of a culture that demands our assimilation.

From Ralph Davis:

Some of us use the Apostles’ Creed in worship. When you say the creed you are engaging in an act of defiance, for the Christ you confess is the Christ rejected by the world, by Pontius Pilate and his lackeys, whether they are non-committal or viciously hostile. But here you have the privilege of saying your ‘No’ to world opinion; you stick out your jaw and say, ‘This crucified, risen, ascended, and coming Christ is mine, and I acknowledge him, no matter what you say.’
But the creed is defiant in another way. Think where people come from when they prepare to say the creed. Where have they been the week before? Some of them have lost a spouse or a loved one; or some have had life tumble in on them with disappointments and troubles. And then they say creed. What are they saying except that ‘I still believe this; things seem to be going to rot around me and other supports seem to have crumbled, but this is my God and I am still confessing him.’ What a privilege to exercise such defiance!

Dale Ralph Davis, Faith Of Our Father – Expositions Of Genesis 12-25, Christian Focus, 2015, pg 37.

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