Well, this may be a football season unlike anything in living memory.
With various sporting codes suspending overseas because of corona virus the prospect of the competitions not completing, or some teams being quarantined, or games being played in empty stadiums seem more likely than not.
At least the NRL players are used to games without spectators.
The NRL has also been able to have its season launch derailed by a couple of players who have had sex with school-age young women. We live in a very selectively permissive society.
As in previous years I don’t have a close idea about what’s been going on in preseason form, so early weeks are a process of seeing how various teams are progressing, regressing, or simply living up to their cultures. Someone normally does unexpectedly better, and someone underperforms.
Eyes this year will be on Souths and Brisbane as their coaches have an opportunity to stamp the teams as their own.
Can Canberra go better?
When will Paramatta break everyone’s hearts?
How Easts will go without Cooper Cronk will be interesting. He seemed to always be considered in the second tier of the Queensland legend dynasty, but really was second to none.
Five teams that I tipped this week featured in last year’s round one tips. Changes in the fixture and who’s playing at home account for the differences, I think.

NRL (last round -/-; season tally -/-)
North Queensland (at home)
Newcastle (New Zealand away from home)

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