The resurrection life is central to Christian experience, but the resurrection life derives its meaning in the completed work of the cross.
From Fleming Rutledge:

What then is the resurrection? It is the vindication of the crucified One. The resurrection doesn’t cancel out the crucifixion as if it were only a passing episode to be noted briefly (or not) on the way to Easter. You here today are blessed because you know, or you have suspected, that Good Friday is not optional. You understand, or you are on your way to understanding that the Day of Resurrection finds its meaning from the cross. The resurrection does not reverse the crucifixion. The resurrection vindicates the crucifixion (vindicate, meaning to verify, confirm, authenticate). The work of Jesus is brought to completion on the cross. That’s what “it is finished” means. The Father and the Son together, in the power of the Spirit, are saying to us, the work that the Father gave the Son to accomplish is consummated, completed, finished as he dies. The saying is just one word in Greek: tetelestai. The Latin is particularly good: consummatum est. So you see, the resurrection does not cancel out the cross. It verifies and confirms that the cross was the main event.

Fleming Rutledge, Three Hours, Eerdmans, 2019, pgs 67-68.

2 thoughts on “The Resurrection Verifies The Centrality Of The Cross (via Fleming Rutledge)

  1. Peter Inns says:

    Great to see a post about the Cross. It seems to be a lost teaching in many churches. A late friend of mine used to say, “No Cross, no Pentecost”. Dying is not just a concept. We really do die with Christ and we really do rise to new life. We really are new creations. The problem is that we have a choice. We can live out of the new life or revert to the old. It is impossible to experience the abundant life unless we turn away from the selfish life that we inherit from Adam. Christians who attempt to reform the old are doomed to failure. Those who live out of the life of Christ within are true Kingdom people. Bring back the cross! Restore Christ as Lord! If we do not, the anti-Christ forces running the nation will become even bolder and more oppressive. Ask Israel Folau what that means.

    1. Gary Ware says:

      Check out the quote from Seculolisity by David Zahl.

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