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Seeking Genuine Accountability (via Ed Stetzer)


In a post about leadership Ed Stetzer identifies a number of areas that he describes as mature leadership.
On of these has to do with accountability.

Mature leaders purposefully set up structures for accountability and then seek and receive genuine accountability within those structures. They understand that it is easy to be drawn into inappropriate use of that power and will engage in honest and transparent accountability. Every person with power and influence needs to submit to an accountability structure and seek accountability somewhere in some way.

Now, the challenge is that for accountability to be genuine it has to represent an authority which the leader submits to.
In pastoral ministry leaders can be seen to participate in an accountability structure, but it is one they have invited, and one whose parameters they have established.
Friends, it’s too easy to give the appearance of genuine accountability (and get recognition for being accountable) but to have only given account for that which you want to give account and be recognised for.
Maturity in leadership invites accountability, but cedes authority over the accountability structure.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Genuine Accountability (via Ed Stetzer)

  1. Every unionist knows that a necessary condition for effective leadership is care for those under the leader’s direction, including accommodation of their concerns. Was it Karl Marx that said “whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.”? Pretty radical Socialist stuff! And was it Engels who illustrated this by tangible analogy, washing the feet of the led, or did Someone else enunciate the principle, as in Matt 20:25-27, and perform the Pedilavium?

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