A song of testimony about God’s presence when life is uncertain.
“Today is my gift, not tomorrow.”
For many people, this song is an expression of their everyday life, taking one step at a time.

The lyrics:
Worry seems to know my every move;
With every new imagining
He whispers in my ear.
Even when I’ve nothing left to prove,
He’s painting possibilities
Of failure and despair.
So God, I’ll stand with open hands
And heart just fixed on following.
I’ll keep my eyes on this day’s prize
Of finding You in everything.
Courage to take one step at a time;
Today is my gift, not tomorrow.
Courage to walk with Christ in my sight
The path strewn with laughter and sorrow.
Wonder if I’m ever really here;
Retreating to the fantasies
Of what my life could be.
Captive to the highwayman of fear,
He’s robbing me of everything
That’s right in front of me.
I’ll learn to see what’s given to me
And cherish every part of it;
My all I’ll give to those I’m with,
And act with grace and honesty.
Let me hear the child that cries within,
The wounds that weep with bitterness
Of innocence betrayed.
Help me own the hurt behind the sin;
Let healing and forgiveness flow
Like cool refreshing rain.
So with each day I’ll choose to say
The past won’t have a hold on me.
Through loss and pain my hope remains
The power of Christ at work in me.

Stuart Townend Copyright © 2018 Townend Songs (admin by Song Solutions http://www.songsolutions.org)

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