Winn Collier’s fictional pastor Jonas McAnn writes of the reasons for his inclusion of creeds in weekly worship:

First, it’s important to remember that we don’t just say the creeds – we pray them. The creeds end with Amen. When we pray, we converse with the Holy Trinity, the God of the universe. When we pray these lines from the creeds, we’re not only reciting doctrine, We’re putting ourselves into the right posture again, returning to the place of healing and wholeness, as creature before our Maker. In these prayerful creeds, we acknowledge that we are finite and that only God knows the contours of our desperate hearts and fickle minds. Only God knows our deepest truths.
Second, the creeds do not merely catalog theological facts. They narrate a story, recounting for us God’s actions on our behalf. The creeds assure us that God, in Jesus, has created us and rescued us and that the Spirit guides us even now. We are not alone. Not ever.
Third, the creeds (like every act of prayer) are, by their very nature, communal acts. I side with the Orthodox Christians who say we believe rather than I believe, but no matter the verbiage the creeds’ very existence affirms the essential truth that faith must be something we discern together and strive to sustain together.

Love Big, Be Well. Winn Collier, Eerdmans 2017, pp. 110-111.

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