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Ten Lasting Fruits of the Reformation (via Joel Beeke)

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At Meet The Puritans Joel Beeke takes a stab at identifying ten enduring legacies which the Reformation reintroduced to the church:

From the post:

God sent forth the power of his Word in the Reformation of the sixteenth century. The Reformation served as a dynamic motivation and catalyst for change and progress wherever its influence reached. Many would credit Martin Luther as the driving engine that propelled the Reformation, but Luther said, “I did nothing; the Word did everything.” John Knox said, “God did so multiply our number that it appeared as if men had rained from the clouds.” How did the Reformation change the church and the world? Here are ten lasting fruits in which the Reformation made a significant difference.

And the ten fruits (go to the article to read Beeke’s explanations of each choice:

1. The Word of God
2. The Gospel of Grace
3. Experiential Piety
4. Old Paths
5. The Head of the Church
6. Christian Freedom
7. Vocations for the Common Good
8. Marriage and Child-rearing
9. Arts and Sciences
10. The True Worship of God

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