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Seminars – Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly 2017 #GAQLD17

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This morning we’re having a couple of seminars at Assembly.
Reports and other business cease while we think about issues of pastoral concern.
In the context of relating the gospel to a culture that is increasingly finding its identity in sexuality.
As a church that affirms the gospel as the good news of who Jesus is, what Jesus has done, and how we respond to him, we’re also considering how gospel is also communicated relationally in addition to intellectually.
The is furthered in the idea of local church as a plausibility structure that those outside meet, interact with, and, hopefully become part of and grow into the beliefs of.
Belong, Behave, Believe.
Seeing and experiencing the church (body of Christ – kingdom of God) is an apologetic that is vital in the culture in which we live.
Being a church that has been shaped by a shared determination to hold the Gospel firmly and in truth, we need to remember and revisit what it is to live the Gospel as communities of faith and recognise that experiencing that community is a powerful communication method that God uses to bring people to understand the facts of Gospel belief.

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