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A Sword That Must Be Fallen Upon Before It Can Be Wielded (via Trevin Wax)

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Trevin Wax picks up the biblical analogy of the Bible as a sword, and reflects on one difference between the Word of God and a weapon: Pastors must first have the sword of God’s word impact their own souls before they use it to help others.

He finishes with a three-part challenge for pastors:

1. Do not let your sword sit sheathed on the shelf. You need the sword if you are to do battle against the evil one. Take up the sword before you pick up your phone in the morning. Praise God with psalms before you post online. Read Proverbs before you scroll through Twitter. Hear from Jesus before all the other voices clamoring for your attention.
2. Do not ever wield this sword against someone until you have let it pierce your heart and soul first. We have no business preaching the Word that judges the hearts and minds of others if we do not first sit under the judgment of the Word.
3. Do not treat this sword in a way that brings attention to yourself or your talents. This is a sword for battle, not for show. And if it were a show, Jesus would be the star, not us!

Read the whole post here.

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