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The Measure Of Pastoral Success (via Zack Eswine)

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After a day where I did not feel like a successful pastor these words from Zack Eswine have been both encouraging and reproving.

How to Achieve Pastoral Success
Pastoral success would be doing the work that a pastor is actually supposed to do: pray, open God’s Word, be present with people, show his love to them, walk with them through the ups and downs of their life, and equip them for works of service.
Do Pastor’s Work
Am I doing what a pastor is supposed to do? If a plumber also happens to be a good accountant and he helps his neighbors with accounting, the neighbors are very happy because their accounting was awesome—but at the end of the day the pipes are still unfixed. So the plumber still has to do the plumber’s work.
Trust God to Use You
Trust that God’s going to bring about the fruit that he intends. Don’t bury your talent in the sand—offer it. The Lord will bear the fruit with it.
So, am I doing the work I’m called to? And am I leaving the success up to him? I think that’s where pastoral success starts.


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