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Caged Momentum (via Ron Edmondson)

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Ron Edmondson writes about developing skill in timing the commencement of new initiatives, finding the sweet spot between moving too soon and not having enough momentum (or preparation/support) and moving too late and losing an opportunity.
He calls this process of discernment, preparing and acting ‘caged momentum’.

That’s the power of caged momentum.
This doesn’t mean you always make people wait simply to build momentum, but you shouldn’t be afraid to either. The reality is we are often quick to rush decisions. We move quickly when we have an idea. We don’t always take time to prepare for the change, bring people along, and ideally build the momentum we need before launching something new.
Since learning this principle I have intentionally used it to build momentum in our church.
Of course, there is always the balance between waiting too long you lose opportunity (which is called opportunity cost) and moving too fast you don’t build enough momentum.

Read more here.

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