An excerpt from a brief article about sleep and rest written by Zack Groff.

God Watches, We Surrender
We lay down at night, trusting our infinite God to keep us in His care. Pastor Adrian Reynolds expresses this idea poignantly: “the willingness to lie down and sleep is itself an expression of trust in the sovereign hand of God. Nothing is going to happen to me that He does not determine.” We are to trust God completely, regardless of our situation.
Rest generally is a form of creaturely surrender to God the Creator. The universal need for regular times of rest testifies to humanity’s great need for God as both Protector and Sustainer. Through soaring mountain ranges, immeasurable ocean depths, and the immensity of cosmic space, God impresses us with a sense of His awesome power. Yet through the frailty of the human condition, God helps us to understand His invisible attributes by way of contrast rather than by direct analogy. Men must rest from their labors while God works out His will unremittingly in Providence. Men are dependent whereas God depends upon nothing. Men must sleep, but God is ever watchful.
Physical rest also provides daily occasion for thanksgiving. Though we have nothing else, to awake in the morning full of life is to open our eyes to God’s praiseworthiness. Rising in the morning to a symphony of life in a home full of children, or to the delicious smells of a hot breakfast, or to a house kept safe through the night should drive us to our knees in thanksgiving to God for His gracious favour.

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