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Leaders Who See People Robed In A Righteousness Not Their Own (via Bryan Chapell)

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Bryan Chapell writes about learning the skill of commendation and thanks:

Learning the pastoral art of commendation is important for all Christian leaders who desire to form churches of spiritual support. It takes no special skill to see what is wrong with people, and to criticise them. But to see people robed in a righteousness not their own and to encourage them on this basis to be more of what they should be powerfully communicates the heart of Christ. The best leaders are those who develop the ability to see the good that is sprouting in people and water its growth with commendation, even when it is obvious to the leader (and perhaps to everyone else in the church) that more growth is needed. We provide spiritual support by commending others for the good we can see despite the growth that they still need.

Ephesians, Bryan Chapell, P & R, 2009, page 62.

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