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Why Are Bibles Printed With The Text In Two Columns Instead Of One? (via Today I Found Out)

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An interesting article from Today I Found Out that seeks to answer the reasons for the distinctive text layout shared by most Bibles.
The piece raises issues about what sort of text we believe the Bible to be, and how that may be affected by the layout and how the layout may affect our reading intent.
There are different factors including size of the overall text, ease of reading, and font size and line length that all come to bear.
It seems an insightful overview from a secular source.

some have begun to argue that treating the Bible like a reference work isn’t always appropriate, particularly when trying to get the general public to actually read it, since the information included in the scriptures is meant to be more than mere facts and historical references and more about gleaning spiritual insight into how to live one’s life in accord with scripture. If people aren’t bothering to read it at all because it reads a bit like a dictionary, it ends up not being that effective.

Read the whole piece here.

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