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Revitalisation Should Be An Ongoing Aspect Of Healthy Church Life

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Ed Stetzer expands on questions for churches that need revitalisation.
This one stood out to me:

“Is revitalization (or should it be) an ongoing process for all churches, even those that are growing?”

Yes. Revitalization addresses a lack of vitality, so something needs to happen to recapture that momentum. A growing church can be vital and not need revitalization currently, but churches always need a sense of revisioning to remain vital.
Most churches begin to plateau and decline at some point in their life cycle. This happens in part because they don’t sit down and listen anew to God. What is God calling us to do now? Where is God calling us to go now? Who is God calling us to reach now?
Any church that shifts into neutral will eventually slow to a stop.
Regular revisioning and evaluation is a helpful practice in that process. I encourage churches to have an annual time of gathering, of vision, of conversation about what the Lord is saying to your church in order to address the areas where you are weak.

Read the whole post here.

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