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Five Questions Pastors Should Ask Themselves (via Christianity Today)

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People who lead churches can be under the scrutiny of everyone, but, at the same time can avoid the sort of examination that is needed for growth.
These five questions are a good start in terms of developing honest self-awareness and accountability.

The article at Christianity Today expands on these subjects and model questions:
1. How is God inviting me to trust him more deeply?
Ask: In what way am I struggling to trust God? What would it look like to draw closer to God and depend on him more in this situation?
2. Am I being open about my life with at least one person?
Ask: Who do I trust to invite into something I am struggling with, so that I don’t feel alone in it? How can I continue to invest in that relationship?
3. What do I need?
Ask: What’s one thing I need right now? What would it take to experience balance and margin in my life right now?
4. What’s getting under my skin?
Ask: What has been getting under my skin? Have I overreacted? Is this irritation connected to a bigger hurt or insecurity that God might want to heal?
5. Do I really believe that I am loved by God?
Ask: Do I believe that every aspect of who I am is fully and completely loved and accepted by God? Is the love of Christ compelling me to ministry, or is something else driving my motivations? Where am I tempted to find my worth in?
Read the whole post here.

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