Waiting for Imperfect Pastor by Zack Eswine to arrive.
Here’s a sample, adapted for his blog:

Why We Need Silence
Quiet is a means of God’s grace.
Within it, God shows us our inner poverty and misguided ambitions. He has waited patiently with a quiet heart while we’ve brewed our lives into storm and froth constantly interrupting him. Now that we are finally silent, he has healing to speak, mending to perform.
We have held on to fixing, knowing, and being everywhere as fast and as famous as we can, like a toddler who can’t go a day without his blankie. But there comes a time when the toddler must age into wisdom and learn to sleep without it.
The first night and day of trying this are detox ugly. But soon, the rest comes and the freedom blesses all in the house.

Where do we Begin?
We start by admitting our need for the convictions and practices of the wise. James 1:19-22 reveals such convictions plainly. Wisdom is found when we grow (1) quick to listen (2) slow to speak or vent, (3) filtering out that which is not of God in our inner being and (4) pursing the word implanted so that we (5) do according to what is true in community.


Now we slow down in ordinary conversation. We do not say the first reasonings that come to our minds even if these quick thoughts in our mind are accurate and true. We do not vent the first emotional stirrings that prod us, even those strongest for attention such as anger. We practice the truth that we are not the first ones upon this scene. God is here. His reasonings and responses take the lead. Ours is to follow, listen, attend, wait and then from the silence of having waited upon Him, we say a word.

2 thoughts on “Why We Need Silences in Ministry, Not Just Sentences (via Zack Eswine)

  1. So true! We are often to quick to speak what we have learned or been trained to say. Often, the most effective ministry takes place when we are silent with others and just pray for God’s Spirit to do its work; or when we are silent before God and allow His Spirit to do its work in us.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Gary Ware says:

      Eswine’s book Imperfect Pastor should have rich insights for all Christians growing in their discipleship. That was true of Sensing Jesus, the book on which Imperfect Pastor is based.

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