Just a brief note as we prepare for day two.
As they say in the classics ‘he wrote the book.’
The ground covered in Keller’s talks yesterday focussed on the latter content of Center Church.
Of interest were:
His observations on institutions and movements and their differences, strengths and limitations.
Gospel work needs the best of both: the structure and accountability of an institution and the focus and flexibility of a movement.
Revival being a time when sleepy Christians awake, where nominal Christians become born-again (and know it), and when unbelievers come along to see and hear what’s happening (and get impacted by the Gospel).
The imperative for different denominations to retain their strengths and distinctives, but be open to learning from the strengths of others without defensiveness.
The need to pastor and lead in a way that helps people be Christians all the time, not just on weekends and evenings.
How evangelism, integration of faith and work, deeds of justice and mercy need to be integrated into gathered church life and discipleship. Helping Christians think about how their work places and vocations can be kingdom work.
The recognition that institutions can lose their first love and come to exist for their own sake, and that movements can lose their first love and come to exist for the sake of those they once sought to impact for the Gospel.

The fact that Jesus is raised from the grave, and that truth defines our identity, not our desires, relationships, or the way we’re perceived by others.

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