a4227812251_2As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Zac Hicks has released an EP, the first recording fruits of his work with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in the US.
His Be The Victor’s Name features six tracks, five which substantially use old hymn lyrics as their base and one completely original. All feature new music by Hicks and others.
The emphasis is on freedom through the finished work of Christ, which is always a welcome theme.
The EP arrangements don’t readily suggest how some of these would transfer to congregational singing (or contexts with modest instrumental or vocal leadership).
They’re lyrically strong, but melodically nothing’s grabbed me and buried its way into my unconscious yet.
One Way Love, for instance seems to be more driven by phrasing than melody as a song.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that I think the piano driven Once For All is a strong track.
Overall the EP is very well produced with hints of organ even peeping their way into the instrumental palette.
Lead vocals from Hicks and collaborator Julie Ann Vargas are strong and clear.
All in all an encouraging start for what hopefully will be a longstanding partnership between Hicks and Coral Ridge.

For $5.00US on bandcamp you can’t go wrong really.

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