The message which God spoke through the prophets makes promises which anticipate the coming of one who would fulfil them.
The message which God spoke through the Lord Jesus Christ is that all of those promises have been kept, and there is nothing more to add.

Psalm 81 (To God Our Strength) and From The Highest Of Heights (Indescribable) anticipate worship which begins with How Firm A Foundation.
After announcements, the prayer of approach and confession will recall the failing by which we look back to that from which we’ve been delivered.
Sovereign Grace O’er Sin Abounding, The Apostles’ Creed and Unto God Be Praise And Honour will be our testimony of faith and assurance.
Jeremiah 36 will recount the futile act of Jehoiakim in resisting God’s words of judgement, even as that judgment is falling.
Recalling the promise of God with us, we’ll sing We’re Not Alone, For Christ Is Here (Never Alone)
Beginning the book of Hebrews with chapter one, verses one to four we are introduced to Jesus, who is so much more than the latest of God’s messengers. God reveals Himself in the Son, not as another stage in His unfolding promise, but as the fulfilment of that promise. The other messengers prepared us for Jesus’ coming. Jesus coming brings final peace with God.
After our pastoral prayer and the giving of our tithes and offerings we’ll conclude worship singing God Has Spoken By His Prophets.

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