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Jesus On Every Page by David Murray – A Book Review

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What does Jesus On Every Page promise?

In 200 pages (plus study questions, references and index) David Murray seeks to provide “an accessible guide to the increasingly popular subject of Jesus in the Old Testament. … [One] that provides sound principles and practical help for the average Christian who wants to explore this important way of knowing Jesus through His Word. As well as writing something accessible and useful to the wider church, I [Murray] wanted to provide a resource that would cover a number of methods of knowing Jesus in the Old Testament. (pg 1)
What I liked.
David Murray moves crisply and confidently through his material. He covers a lot of ground, but does so clearly and inductively. Illustrations are relevant and the tone is warm.
The first of the two parts is a consideration of the New Testament witness of Jesus, Peter, Paul and John to the question What’s The Old Testament About? Starting with Jesus’ assertion that the Scriptures of the Old Testament are primarily about himself, Murray they unfolds how the Apostles understood that position and how they applied it to their own teaching of the Old Testament.
The secondly part of the book applies that apostolic reading to the various genres of the Old Testament, identifying the presence, work, and promised redemption of the second person of the Trinity as it is revealed. Murray provides ten alliteratively titled chapters: Christ’s Planet: Discovering Jesus in the Creation; Christ’s People: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Characters; Christ’s Presence: Discovering Jesus in His Old Testament Appearances; Christ’s Precepts: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Law; Christ’s Past: Discovering Jesus in Old Testament History; Christ’s Prophets: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Prophets; Christ’s Pictures: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Types; Christ’s Promises: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Covenants; Christ’s Proverbs: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament Proverbs; Christ’s Poets: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament Proverbs.
Each of these provides numerous examples and demonstrates great nuance whether pointing out the preincarnate appearances of Jesus, the fulfilment of the covenant promises, the ultimate expression of types and a wonderful chapter on the poets with a detailed examination of the Song of Songs.
What I’m not sure about?
Nothing. As an introduction anything that I could observe is really beyond the scope of this book’s brief.
Perhaps some sort of bibliography to point readers to different works that would help them further their application of these studies to preaching, Bible study or discipleship would be helpful.

I was familiar with a lot of this content, but David has synthesised it wonderfully and presented it in a format that every reader of the Bible should be able to apply its precepts and understand how the person of Jesus is central to understanding all these texts. Jesus On Every Page is a very useful guide in understanding the consistent testimony of the Scriptures about God’s redemptive purpose in Jesus. In doing this it helps the reader to have confidence that God’s people in every age have been saved by grace through faith in that redemptive purpose, such as it was revealed in various means throughout biblical history. This enables the reader to have confidence that each page of the Scriptures can encourage our faithful response to the saving work of Jesus.
Highly recommended for individual study or group reading.

The pdf copy of Jesus On Every Page upon which this review is based was provided by Nelson Publishers as part of a blog review program for the book.
A positive review was not a requirement.

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