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The Problem With Information About God Exceeding Our Experience Of Him (via Tim Keller)

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It makes for immature Christians.
This is one exchange from a Twitter Q&A that Tim Keller recently participated in:

best advice for helping teenagers grow in their faith, ministry & discipleship on a real level?

A. (From Keller)
Teenagers have more information about God than they have experience of him. Get them in places where they have to rely on G[od].

I found the answer interesting because the application is not confined to teenagers. Christian growth is not simply learning more, we grow when that which we have learned about God is put into practice and our relationship with Him is expressed in our current circumstances.
It also generally touches on another observation. A lot of the time when we’re in a difficult situation we look for answers as if new knowledge will fix a problem rather than acknowledge that we already know what we should be doing and either aren’t doing it, or we’re growing impatient waiting for the situation to change while doing it.

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