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Ten Characteristics Of Leaders Who Last (via Chuck Lawless at Thom Rainer)

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Chuck Lawless expands on these personal observations about leaders who last at Thom Rainer’s blog.
They ring true to my experience. (Number 4 notwithstanding.)
Unsurprisingly, they are also qualities which benefit anyone who cultivates them as part of their lives.
In addition to Lawless’ explanations of these points in the original post there are some very helpful suggestions in the comment thread.

  1. They begin with a determination to finish well.
  2. They always have a vision bigger than they are.
  3. They take care of themselves spiritually.
  4. They take care of themselves physically.
  5. They invest in their family.
  6. They treat people well.
  7. They share the workload.
  8. They do not let discouragement set in.
  9. They have genuine friends.
  10. They have learned to laugh.

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