O Saviour Where Shall Guilty Man is a fine hymn of testimony about the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ composed by Caroline E. May.
At mgpc today we sang it to the tune Rest, which is more commonly associated with the hymn Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind. For some reason the Australian Presbyterian hymnbook Rejoice has chosen to use the tune Repton (which, you may guess, is also commonly set to O Saviour Where Shall Guilty Man) with Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time. The tune Newcastle is a very popular choice for this hymn as well.
I like singing the hymn to Rest because of pleasant associations with the tune at a church my family attended over thirty-five years ago.
The lyrics:
O Savior, where shall guilty man
find rest except in thee?
Thine was the warfare with his foe,
the cross of pain, the cup of woe,
and thine the victory.
How came the everlasting Son,
the Lord of Life, to die?
Why didst thou meet the tempter’s power,
why, Jesus, in thy dying hour,
endure such agony?
To save us by thy precious blood,
to make us one in thee,
thy thorny crown, thy cross, thy strife,
that ours might be thy perfect life,
and ours the victory.
O make us worthy, gracious Lord,
of all thy love to be;
to thy blest will our wills incline,
that unto death we may be thine,
and ever live in thee.

Here’s a youtube which features the melody Rest.

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