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A Name Above All Names (mgpc 23/12/2012)

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Some people feel the pressure to live up to their family names. Others know that their first or middle name represents a recognition of a forebear or someone notable and admired. It can be tough to be worthy of a name. In Isaiah chapter nine we learn about the hardest name of all to live up to, a name above all names, and then learn of the one who embodies all that name promises.
In a final nod to our advent theme we’ll begin our singing with the song When The Trumpet Of The Lord Shall Sound. Then we’ll continue to learn our new Christmas song Did You Know, in preparation for a full rendition on Tuesday. Worship will commence as we sing What Child Is This?
Our prayer of adoration and confession will praise the Triune God for who He is, for how we experience His being and nature through relationship, and confess our need of His continuing to embrace us in redemptive love.
There Is A Redeemer will be our song of testimony, after which we’ll confess our faith through the Apostles’ Creed and sing a new doxology, Praise to you, O Lord, we sing.
Listening to God’s Word from Jeremiah 9 brings the humbling experience of the prophet’s tears for Jerusalem’s destruction. This solemnity will contrast with our sung response, the joyous melody known as Siyahamba to which a paraphrase of Psalm 72, He Will Save The Needy, is set.
As we read from Isaiah 9 we’ll hear familiar words describing the name of the child who would be born. Reflecting on that promise we’ll take comfort and encouragement as we think about the one in whom that promise found its ultimate fulfillment.
Our prayers of thanksgiving and for the needs of others and offerings will then be given, and then the service will close as we sing The First Nowell, remembering the birth of the one who is the King of God’s people.

And tomorrow will also be the debut of our new Johannus 15 digital organ.
I think people will notice a difference.

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