While the fool says in his heart that there is no God, the man who desires to live after God’s own heart may still act very foolishly.
We see that contrast played out in the 26th and 27th chapters of 1 Samuel this week at mgpc.
The fullness of the majesty of God is the subject of our opening songs, Oh, The Splendour Of His Greatness and I Praise You, Lord.
Our prayer of confession will thank God for His faithfulness and recall the times when we have not trusted His promises and provision and have strayed into error by seeking to provide for ourselves in disobedience to His Word.
Unto The Hills is a setting of Psalm 121 which is set to the tune familiarly used for Lead Kindly Light and will express our corporate assurance of God’s forgiveness, which will then be followed by the Apostles’ Creed and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.
Jeremiah 7:21-34 continues to remind us of the priority of obedience over ritual and idolatry. The yearning for all God’s promises to be fulfilled will be expressed as we sing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.
Though we’ll be examining both chapters 26 and 27, chapter 27 of 1 Samuel will be read and then we’ll read of Saul’s second reprieve at David’s hands and David’s deceptions in Gath. Chapter 26 enables us to see how ingrained Saul’s sinfulness was and also helps us see grace growing in David’s life. This episode is contrasted with chapter 27 in which David brings about the increase of the Kingdom by means of deceit. His foolishness in relying on his own devices sows seeds which will bear bitter fruit in years to come. God’s people yearned for a greater King than David, one who would be fully wise and fully faithful. Thank God Emmanuel has indeed come.
We’ll share the Lord’s Supper together, our Sunday School members will receive gifts, Ian Touzel will lead us in prayers of thanksgiving and for others’ needs and then we’ll close our worship singing Christ Is Coming! Let Creation…

Then there’ll be a special meeting and a shared lunch.

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