December invites us turn our thoughts to Christmas, a time when many Christians reflect on the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Christians also take this time to focus on the Lord Jesus’ second coming during the season called Advent. This season of longing for the promised coming of our King well suits our continued study of the ascension to the throne of Israel’s second king, David.
Our month of expectation will commence as we sing of our incarnate Saviour in Immanuel! Immanuel!; the paraphrase of Mary’s annunciation of praise Tell Out My Soul and the expectant Salvation Belongs To Our God.
A prayer of adoration and confession will express thanks for the sovereign presence of God and acknowledge our continued straying into error and thanks for His restraining will.
To you I lift my soul (Psalm 25); the Apostles’ Creed and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow will express our faith.
From God’s Word, Jeremiah 7:1-20 bids us trust obedience over ritual; and then we’ll sing of the Amazing Love of God (My Lord, What Love Is This?).
Then we meet a man who lives up to his name, a woman who is as wise as her husband is foolish, and reflect on their effect on a coming king whose kingdom will be established in righteousness and without bloodguilt as he waits for the power of God to raise him up. But for one person’s intervention the promise could have foundered. We need a King whose righteousness is inherent, not caused.
After our prayer of thanksgiving and for the needs of others we’ll bring our offerings and conclude our worship with praise that calls out for that perfect King: Come, O Long Expected Jesus.

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