Those times we think of as wasted, wilderness months or even years are the foundry in which God forges faith in His people.
At mgpc we’ll commence worship joining the eternal praise of Jesus singing All My Days (Beautiful Saviour), Let All Things Now Living, and Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord.
Our prayer of approach and confession will thank God for His presence in the desolate places and express sorrow about the times when we create our own wilderness through disobedience and coldness.
It’s Your Blood (Whiter Than The Snow), Romans 8:31-39 and Now To The King Of Heaven and will serve as our corporate affirmations of assurance and faith.
The reading of Jeremiah 6:16-30 will remind us of God’s call of His people back to the “ancient paths”.
We’ll respond by singing of God My Heart Is Steadfast (Psalm 108), an expression of the joy of those who walk that path.
Our continued exploration of 1 Samuel reaches chapters 23 and 24 this week. As David flees from Saul, God refines his faith by leading David by His Word; encouraging David by a friend who reminds him of God’s promises; and protecting David by providential ordering of events. As the situation turns and Saul falls into David’s hands, David responds by trusting God and not seeking to achieve God’s ends by unfaithful means. David’s faith is recognised by Saul, of all people.
After prayers of thanksgiving and for various needs, we’ll bring our offering and conclude our worship singing the great hymn of discipleship in troubled seasons, Jesus Call Us O’er The Tumult.

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