God’s true Christ reveals himself as the one who does not seek his own needs, but serves to protect his people. False Christs seek to serve themselves and leave God’s people open to destruction by God’s enemies.
At mgpc tomorrow our worship commences singing Who Is On The Lord’s Side, Sing Unto The Lord A New Song and For The Beauty Of The Earth, songs which recognise the true God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, and which express commitment to discipleship to him.
We’ll pray confessing our trust in false saviours and give thanks that Jesus saved us when we did not want that salvation. Our song of testimony is He Walked On Earth (Behold The Lamb Of God), particularly remembering the return and rule of Jesus. The Apostles’ Creed and May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour complete our time of testimony.
From God’s Word, Jeremiah 6:1-15 brings the promise of judgement against those who proclaim peace when there is no peace. We sing O God, give us Your blessing remembering the faithful love of God to those who turn to him.
1 Samuel 22:6-22:5 shows us a contrast in kingship. Saul and David are both anointed, but Saul increasingly shows why he is not God’s choice as king. He increasingly looks inward and his insecurity and anger goes beyond hatred for David and spills over toward the priests, remembering Ahimelech’s aid to David in chapter 21. Tellingly, the Edomite Doeg is the instrument Saul uses to kill the priests. David, however, receives Ahimelech’s fleeing son Abiathar and provides sanctuary and protection. David then heeds God’s word and protects the people against the Philistines. The people needed a true anointed one, a true Christ to protect and rule them. God’s people still do.
After our prayers of thanks and for the needs of others we’ll give our offering and then conclude our worship singing From Heaven You Came Helpless Babe (The Servant King).

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