Of the multiplication of commentary series there is no end.
Inexplicably, Christian Focus Publications, under their Mentor imprint have launched a Mentor Expository Commentary series alongside their Mentor Commentary series.
This in addition to CFP’s Focus On The Bible commentaries.
So it would be easy for the two launch volumes of the Mentor Expository Commentary series to not get the notice they deserve.
As Expository Commentaries, they are collections of sermons, suitably edited for publication.
This expositional emphasis differentiates them from the technical, exegetical focus of Mentor’s other commentaries.
These volumes would not be out-of-place in Crossway’s Preaching The Word series or P&R’s Reformed Expository Commentary series.
Still, with works of this quality, the more the merrier.
The Galatians volume, by Terry Johnson of the Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia, USA contains 40 chapters which cover the book in considerable depth. Systematic scriptural references abound as Johnson able opens Galatians to reveal a justification from God which comes by faith alone.
Revelation by Douglas Kelly, professor of theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA presents 65 chapters originally preached to the Reedy Creek Presbyterian church. Kelly’s position on Revelation locates most of what would be identified as prophecy being fulfilled before 70AD and that Jesus presently reigns over the world.
Preachers preparing sermons, those participating in Bible studies, or readers interested in practical and devotional study of two challenging books of the Bible would do well to examine these two volumes for themselves.

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