In life’s fears and apprehensions where can we find peace? In 1 Samuel 20 three men face life’s greatest fears and two of them have peace. Not a change in circumstances, but peace.
Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken; Far And Near and Jesus Shall Reign Where’er The Sun commence our worship with a focus on Jesus’ authority and our dedication to following Him.
Our prayer of praise and confession will express praise for God’s faithful covenant love and express our sorrow for failing to trust His promise of care, after which we’ll affirm our confidence of salvation by singing My Hope Rests Firm. This week Heidelberg Catechism questions 1 & 2 will be our corporate affirmation of faith, expressing our comfort and hope in life and in death; and then we’ll sing Unto God Be Praise And Honour.
The lectio-continua reading from Jeremiah 5:1-13 continues to express the lament of forsakenness for a nation that will not repent and continues to be cut off from hope.
Psalm 146 (Praise the LORD let all within me) recalls the blessings which are poured out on those who do turn to God.
We turn to 1 Samuel chapter 20 and find three fearful men, David, Jonathan and Saul. Two of them will have a promise of peace by the end of the chapter, a peace that passes understanding, a peace that is anchored in the character and purpose of God. One does not experience that peace. What can we learn from their choices?
After our prayer of thanksgiving and for the needs of others we’ll give our offering to God and conclude our worship singing God So Loved The World (One For Many).

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