Tomorrow at mgpc we return to 1 Samuel in time to see the fall of Saul, the people’s king.
There’ll be lots of people away on holiday, and I’m sure one or two will even be feeling a little older, but worship goes on.
Our preparation singing will be All to Jesus, I surrender; Glory of glories, Jesus my Saviour and Come Thou fount of every blessing.
The prayer of approach and confession will mention our passive and active disobedience to God’s rule over our lives. We’ll sing in assurance of our forgiveness and acceptance Sovereign grace o’er sin abounding. The Nicene Creed will express our corporate belief as God’s people and we’ll praise the grace of the Triune God with Now to Him Who loved us.
Turning to God’s Word, we’ll hear from Jeremiah chapter 2 and then sing Psalm 124. The passage for preaching is 1 Samuel chapter 15. In this turning point chapter we read of Saul’s incomplete obedience to God’s commands, his self-serving sorrow, the promise of the kingdom torn from his grasp and the come to see that his end will not be a noble one. If deliverance cannot come from the people’s king, where can it come from? From God.
Jeroen will lead us in prayer, we’ll give our offerings and then conclude our worship singing We are His children (Go forth).

Afterward there’ll be a lunch and Jeroen and I will speak about our trip to Zimbabwe.
I’ll even wear the shirt.

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