Diagnostic questions for pastors from Paul Tripp posted by Christopher Ash on the Proclamation Trust website.

As part of his third day preach on 1 Peter at the EMA, Paul Tripp asked these searching questions.
1. Have you lost sight of the fact that you deeply need all that you preach?
2. Have you become less than open to the essential sanctifying ministry of the body of Christ?
3. Have you come to expect of others the perfection you think you’ve achieved?
4. Do you assess that you are qualified to have more control over your ministry than any pastor should ever have?
5. Have you lost your sense of need for daily meditative communion with Christ?
6. Are there places where you have come to take credit for successes that only grace can produce?
7. Do you feel entitled to what you could never earn or could ever achieve on your own?
8. Are you now less than watchful and protective when it comes to temptation and sin, than you should be?
9. Do you tend to load more on your ministry shoulders than you can responsibly handle?

Question 6 is very challenging.

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