Some people (family included) find it funny or confusing when I mention that I’ve received a Care Package.

No, not from the Red Cross.
For this Pastor, my Care Packages come from here.

And even though the Care Package came because I selected the items from a webpage and gave them my payment details, I don’t understand what anyone thinks is odd about this.

This time it included two CDs, two recent books on preaching, two paperbacks on the Psalms and another book that I’ve been looking forward to reading, Sam Crabtree’s Practicing Affirmation.

All with free postage, 20% off, and another $8.00 saved with the web prices being lower than stickered prices on some items.

One thought on “Pastor’s Care Parcel

  1. cassiescuddles says:

    Awh, so sad, you had to make your own care package? Oh well, at least you get some goodies that you like eh? Anyway, your wife is your care package 😀

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