Currently listening to Now And Not Yet, an album of Psalms (and one hymn) recorded in acoustic style by Matt Searles, featuring Miriam Jones on vocals.
From the album’s Bandcamp page.

We need the psalms. Not only does God graciously reveal himself to us in his word, but he also gives us vocabulary to express our experience of him. The psalms speak of joy, confidence, celebration and praise, but also despair, grief, questioning and doubt. Rather than deny these feelings, our loving Father tells us to bring them all to him. The psalms are the words he gives us to do this.
The psalms speak of the great joy there is in this life in following the Lord, but also the fact that we await the new heavens and earth before we’ll fully experience all the blessings that are ours in Christ. In short, the psalms speak of what is now and not yet.

Thanks to Bob Kauflin for featuring this British production on his blog.
You can read more from Searles about the production of the album on Kauflin’s blog.

For your listening pleasure.

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