Welcome AP magazine.

The last meeting of the Presbyterian Church of Australia authorised a smaller body (its Commission) to deal with a report about the future of our national magazine, Australian Presbyterian.
Today that Commission met and made the following decisions:
The resignation of Peter Hastie, longstanding editor of Australian Presbyterian magazine was formally received. Peter has resigned in order to take up an appointment as principal of the Melbourne Presbyterian Theological College.
A proposal to conclude the existing Australian Presbyterian magazine and commence publication of ‘AP’ a 16/20 page quarterly full colour paid journal which will include paid advertising was considered.
The new magazine will be supplied and distributed free to everyone who received either the old magazine and/or the catalogues of the Reformers Bookshop, a cumulative distribution of over 20,000 copies. Peter Barnes, pastor of Revesby Presbyterian will lead a new editorial and production team.
In addition a supplemental shared ‘flip-style’ magazine featuring the work of the Australian Presbyterian World Mission and the Presbyterian Inland Mission will be produced.
The Commission endorsed this project and have encouraged the new editorial and production team as they undertake the work-load of producing the new journal.

The Commission approving the commencement of AP magazine.

6 thoughts on “Welcome AP Magazine

  1. Al says:

    Is it going to be called AP: Australia’s reformed evangelical periodical?

    1. Gary Ware says:

      No one can think of a better title.
      And that subtitle is a vast improvement on a previous draft.

  2. Al says:

    An improvement? Gosh.

    It sounds a bit elitist to me. There are other reformed evangelical periodicals in Australia. Aren’t there?

    1. Gary Ware says:

      Trust me.
      It was worse.

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